Vast Dominions

Vast Dominions is a setting for the table-top RPG Moment of Truth.

Imagine a world where mankind discovered that space travel was possible with hot air balloons and dirigibles. Imagine a world where mankind, at their most adventuresome and exploitive, could spread amongst the planets and moons of the Solar System — building great cities, fighting terrible wars and conquering the skies.

This is the world of Vast Dominions, an alternate time when the Western World was colonizing the planet, and suddenly discovers a whole system of worlds for the taking.

In Vast Dominions, all the science you know about the vacuum of space, gravity and physics is terribly wrong. It’s a world where up is up, down is down and the outer planets get a bit chilly — so you might want to take an extra heavy overcoat.

Vast Dominions is a time when the pressure cooker of political tension that started the Great War finds a pressure release valve in a suddenly discovered array of planets and moons.

Vast Dominions is currently under development for the Moment of Truth RPG. If you’re interested, you can hear our actual play of Vast Dominions at