“Mandeight and the Apprentice Mage” now available on Amazon

My first self-published novel is now available on Amazon, for either Kindle or print-on-demand paperback.

I am in the early stages of recording the audio version of this book as well. It will eventually be available on Audible (if all goes well).

I’m also thinking about publishing each chapter here as a podcast. If I do that, each chapter will be released as I record and edit it, and it will only be available for a limited time.

I’ve also begun writing the second book in this series.

Area 51 Anthem (20 September 2019)

Update: the song is now available for purchase at cdbaby.com. More updates as the song propagates.

In the next week or so, ANGRYFOLKBAND will release a single, “20 September 2019.”
After traveling to the future (21 September 2019), the angryfolkband has returned to the present with this epic song about the raid on Area 51.

The raid didn’t go as expected (or maybe it did, depending on what you think about the whole idea of a bunch of weirdos storming a secret Air Force base.

Look for it on CDBaby.com, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, YouTube, Spotify and all other online music services.

Welcome to the Angryfolk Studio

Angryfolk Studio is the home of the creative efforts of Stu Venable, Jr. The studio produces the Happy Jacks RPG Podcast, Happy Jacks RPG Actual Plays, out Twitch and YouTube offerings, the Moment of Truth RPG and the first setting for Moment of Truth, Vast Dominions.