Angryfolkband is the house band of the Angry Folk Studio. Below you’ll find links to all the current angryfolkband releases.

20 September 2019 (Single)

This is the first single from angryfolkband. Having received news from the future, we wrote a song commemorating the raid on Area 51, which will take place (or took place) on 20 September 2019.

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(as this song was recently released, it’s not yet available on anything but CDBaby — we’ll post updates when we get them.

Crime, Betrayal and Horror (EP)

The third release from the angryfolk band. Includes completed versions of some popular RPG actual plays as well as a new Happy Jacks anthem, and a couple other songs.

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Once Upon a Tavern

The second release from the angryfolkband. Also containing RPG-related songs.

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Let Me Tell You About My Character

LMTYAMC was the first release. It contains many favorite songs from Happy Jacks RPG Podcast.

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